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I'm an accredited career coach passionate about empowering people to achieve career success. Through my work with individuals and organisations, I offer personalised information, advice and guidance to clients navigating important career decisions.

My goal is to equip people with the tools and skills necessary to achieve success and fulfilment in their careers, regardless of their stage in life. With a background in psychology, career guidance, and counselling, I use a range of approaches to help clients achieve their goals. Whether it's supporting early career professionals to navigate work, supporting people in the later stages of their careers, or planning for retirement, I am dedicated to helping people flourish and achieve their full potential.

If you need guidance or professional help contact me for your free initial chat.

Ethney McCulloch

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  • Sometimes it's not easy deciding the best options for you. You will receive help to make the best decisions about your future.

  • You may need support to tackle barriers hindering your career success. You will learn strategies to tackle unhelpful thinking and any obstacles holding you back.

  • You might lack the clarity needed to reach your career goals.  You will receive expert guidance and have a clearer understanding of the steps you need to achieve your career goals. 

What clients say
Woman with Crossed Arms


Before having coaching,  I felt trapped in my career with no option for growth or change. However, the coaching sessions opened my mind to new opportunities I had never even considered.  "

Confident Woman


I'm glad that I invested in coaching.  I had to chance to talk about my goals and aspirations, and came away with greater clarity about my next steps. "

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"Coaching helped me overcome obstacles that had been holding me back for years, which has been life-changing."

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